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After more than 200 years, one might assume that the rights granted by our nation’s Bill of Rights would be well known and respected by all. Unfortunately, they are still ignored and violated far too often. If you believe your civil rights have been violated, it is important to have an experienced Atlanta trial attorney on your side dedicated to righting the wrongs that have occurred.

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Seeking Justice for the Victims of Police and Prosecutorial Misconduct

At Hart & Associates in Atlanta, our civil rights lawyers are committed to helping people secure damages if their civil rights have been violated. We have expertise in litigating cases involving all forms of misconduct and fraud by police and prosecutors in Illinois and around the country, including:

  • Wrongful Convictions
  • Police Shootings
  • Police Brutality
  • Unlawful Arrests
  • Unlawful search and seizure

What are Your Civil Rights?

Some civil rights are expressly granted under federal law, while others — like the right to privacy — are implied. The civil rights granted by the United States Constitution come primarily from the following:

  • The first amendment — Guarantees freedom of speech and provides protection against retaliation, especially cases of whistleblower law violations for speaking out about matters of public concern.
  • The fourth amendment — Protects citizens against illegal search and seizure, as well as police brutality. We have been successful in handling these cases as well as pursuing damages in cases of unlawful arrest and wrongful conviction, which often involve violations of the fifth and fourteen amendment’s “due process of law” clauses.
  • The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits federal and state governments and employers from discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin. This is often referenced in cases of employment discrimination.

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If you feel that your civil rights have been violated in any fashion, we encourage you to contact us today for a free initial consultation with an accomplished civil rights trial attorney.

The United States Constitution guarantees every American citizen certain civil rights of personal liberty. Among these fundamental civil rights and liberties are the freedoms of speech, religion, assembly, and to petition the government, and the rights to bear arms, to procedural due process, and to be free of unreasonable searches and seizures and cruel and unusual punishments. Unfair treatment alone does not necessarily involve a violation of civil rights and liberties. It’s discrimination only if you’re treated unfairly because you have one of the characteristics protected by the Constitution, such as age, disability, race, religion, or sex. 

Every American has civil rights to freedom and liberty, and the right to live free from harm. Types of civil rights lawsuits could include discrimination, police misconduct, fair housing, harassment, and immigration issues.

If your civil rights have been violated, you need an experienced Atlanta civil rights attorney by your side. These types of cases can be complex, requiring procedural nuances to be taken and at times, a lengthy time period to be resolved. Don’t risk your livelihood to just any attorney.

Hart & Associates represents victims of civil rights violations and we fight to recover full and fair compensation for those who have been wronged. We have the expertise and experience necessary to negotiate your claim to the maximum result.

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