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Douglasville Failure to Yield Accident Lawyer

Failure to yield crashes occur when a motorist fails to give the right of way, and a collision happens as a result. The right of way means that drivers approaching an intersection, or an area where traffic converges, from one direction have the priority to proceed over other drivers from another direction. There is typically signage indicating who has the right of way at a particular intersection.

Therefore, these types of accidents may be more likely to occur when a driver approaches an intersection with limited about-intersection control or signage. There is a presumption under the law that the motorist must wait until all traffic in front of them passes before they initiate a turn or any further maneuvers.

If a negligent driver caused your injuries, speak with a Douglasville failure to yield accident lawyer to pursue compensation. A skilled attorney could review your situation and determine how to proceed with your case. En Español.

Identifying Fault

Identifying fault in failure to yield cases can be complicated because police officers at the scene of a traffic accident might hear conflicting stories from the drivers involved. For instance, one motorist may claim that they either had the right of way or the other party failed to yield. Therefore, it may take a seasoned police officer to determine the at-fault party by interviewing any witnesses, looking at the damage to the vehicles, examining the position of the vehicles after the impact, and studying any skid marks, break marks, or other property damage at the scene.

If law enforcement determines that one driver caused the accident by failing to yield, they could be held liable for any losses. A Douglasville failure to yield accident attorney could help an injured claimant hold the at-fault driver accountable for the damages they caused.

Investigating Failure to Yield Crashes

Attorneys may investigate failure to yield cases and determine liability by speaking with witnesses who were at the scene. When talking with witnesses, a lawyer may ask if accidents are common at the intersection in question, and if so, how do they typically occur. A legal representative may also collect evidence by visiting the scene and finding any nearby stores with exterior cameras that may have footage of the accident.

How Insurance Companies Handle Failure to Yield Accident Cases

When fault cannot be easily determined, insurance companies may be hesitant to pay someone’s claim. In this case, a Douglasville lawyer may need to hire additional experts to help identify the at-fault party in a failure to yield accident case. Once an attorney establishes liability, the insurance company may be more compelled to pay.

Benefits of Working with a Law Firm

It can be beneficial to work with a law firm as opposed to a fellow practitioner when involved in an accident because a team of lawyers may have more resources, people, and investigators. Additionally, a law firm may have greater access to the types of information and financial support required to establish liability. All of these resources may give a failure to yield car accident lawyer in Douglasville the ability to maximize an injured claimant’s compensation

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