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Douglasville Side-Impact Collision Lawyer

A side-impact collision, more commonly known as a T-bone accident, occurs when one vehicle hits either side of another vehicle. These types of accidents may happen as a result of either or both drivers failing to give the right of way or making an improper left turn. These are serious accidents because they can cause the airbags to deploy, the impacted vehicle to roll over, severe injuries for both parties.

As a result, if you have suffered damages in a T-bone accident, you should reach out to a Douglasville side-impact collision lawyer. A seasoned attorney could help you file your claim and pursue fair compensation.

What Do T-Bone Accidents Typically Look Like?

Side impact accidents typically occur when two vehicles are traveling at high speeds down a county road and then collide at an intersection. For instance, a driver at an intersection may turn in front of an oncoming vehicle because they are misjudging other motorist’s speed or actions. In either situation, the oncoming vehicle is traveling too fast, and the motorists collide as a result.

These speeding scenarios occur on these roads because the posted speed limits are higher than those on other streets. A skilled Douglasville side-impact collision lawyer could review an injured motorist’s case and determine if they have a viable claim for damages based on the cause of their accident.

Recoverable Damages

An individual involved in a side-impact collision could recover anywhere from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the severity of their injuries. A claimant may be entitled to monetary compensation for any current or future medical expenses as a result of their accident in addition to recovery for any pain and suffering they sustained.

If a plaintiff’s vehicle was damaged in a side-impact collision, they may pursue damages for any repair or replacement costs as well. An experienced Douglasville T-bone accident lawyer could asses someone’s losses and determine the value of their case.

What to Do Following an Accident

An individual involved in a T-bone accident should immediately contact emergency responders to ensure that they are not severely injured. Because of the forceful nature of these accidents, bodily harm to any drivers and passengers involved may occur. Some common injuries may include neck or shoulder sprains, traumatic head injuries, and fractured bones. Individuals in a side-impact collision may also be ejected from their vehicle, causing significant bodily harm or death.

Once someone seeks medical attention, they should retain a Douglasville lawyer with experience in side-impact collision cases immediately. They could help a plaintiff collect valuable evidence to build a stronger claim.

Benefits of a Douglasville Side Impact Collision Attorney

A Douglasville side-impact collision lawyer could help you by persevering any relevant evidence from your accident. This may include sending investigators to the site to take pictures, taking statements from witnesses, and assessing the layout of the intersection.

Once this information is secured, an attorney could proceed by investigating if you have any available insurance coverage and put your provider on notice immediately. To learn what our firm could do for your case, call today.

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