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Douglasville Teen Driver Accident Cases

State law defines a novice driver as someone who is either 15 or 16 years old with no significant driving experience or an adult who has recently received their license for the first time and has been allowed to operate a motor vehicle for less than two years.

According to state law, once an individual reaches the age of 15, they can obtain a learner’s permit and begin to drive. An individual with a learner’s permit must operate a vehicle under the supervision of an adult or family member for at least one year prior to taking a driver’s test. Once they turn 16 and pass the test, they can be issued their provisional license. Upon turning 17, the provisions and restrictions on a teen’s license are removed if they have not received any tickets or traffic violations.

Despite the hours of practice and learning, novice drivers still may be vulnerable to getting into accidents due to their lack of familiarity and experience. If your teenager was involved in a collision, you should speak with a skilled attorney who has experience with Douglasville teen driver accident cases.

Why Do Accidents Involving Teen Drivers Happen?

Teen motorist accidents cases in Douglasville commonly include excessive speeding, poor judgment, and an unfamiliarity with the vehicle that they are operating. Crashes involving young people are also likely to occur when a teen driver is distracted by their cellphone.

The primary risk factors most strongly associated with teen driving wrecks are simply inexperience and poor judgment, as these individuals are statistically more inclined to take risks and are less able to anticipate issues that may occur while driving.

Prevention and Preparation

Parents can help prevent their teens from being involved in a car crash by encouraging them to exercise good judgment while driving and rewarding them for cultivating low-risk habits. Teen drivers should be held to certain high standards and expected to make smart decisions when operating a motor vehicle. Parents also should stress the importance of following all traffic laws.

A parent should instruct their teenager to seek medical care immediately and call a trusted adult if they are involved in a car wreck. Young motorists should also be told to cooperate with police officers at the scene and provide them with detailed information about how the accident happened.

If they are able, these novice drivers should take pictures of the damage to their vehicle and any other cars involved. These new motorists also should be prepared to exchange their insurance information and registration with the other party if a police officer does not respond to the scene.

Treatment of Teen Driver Crashes

In Douglasville, when a driver in a car accident claim is a teenage, there is typically not much difference in how the case is handled. However, one difference is that if the young motorist is also injured, their parents may be the ones who authorize their lawyer’s representation. In these circumstances, the attorney must obtain the parent’s permission several times as the case progresses. For instance, if the case settles, and depending upon the amount, the parents may have to authorize the settlement.

Insurance companies typically handle car accidents claims with teenage drivers the same way as they would be for an adult. However, insurance companies tend to presume that teens are at fault more frequently than adults. Insurance providers may heavily scrutinize injury claims involving teenage drivers, and frequently assume that the younger motorist was at-fault. A seasoned attorney could advocate for the young driver and their family, even in the face of stubborn insurance companies.

Speak with a Douglasville Teen Driving Accident Attorney

If their teen gets in a motor vehicle accident, families should look for a lawyer with the resources, communication skills, and experience to handle such cases. An attorney with a strong history of successfully advocating for and litigating on behalf of young drivers may be able to increase the family’s chances of being awarded significant recoveries.  For more information about Douglasville teen driver accident cases, call today.

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