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The re-release of the game introudces a prominent tooth character and centers the game around candies instead of gems. Despite being a visual re-skin of the game, the game adds a few quality-of-life features including an endless mode and title screen. Also known as Classic Mode or Simple mode in some versions, the player must make matches to fill the bar at the bottom, when it is full it warps the player to the next level.

  • With an exciting gameplay, beautiful visuals and background music, great game mechanics and all the Bubble popping fun, Bubble Safari is a great Match-3 type Puzzle video game to play and enjoy.
  • An arcade adaption of Bejeweled, based off Bejeweled 3’s Lightning Mode, was distributed for arcades by Sega Amusements in 2013.
  • There is one achievement that can be done easily with just pressing the hint button, but you need to work hard to get the rest.
  • Jewels Star reaches to the last line and the level completes.

V1.3 also has some weird graphical glitch in which the number that appears after a gem has been matched is off-position from where the match had been made. Version 1.2 (released November 11, 2009) adds the Blitz mode, a game mode based on Bejeweled Blitz. This port includes three Bejeweled 2 game modes and Blitz mode, based on Bejeweled Blitz, bundled in one package. Blitz game mode was removed in later versions and replaced with a separate Bejeweled Blitz app. The game was delisted from the App Store in September 2015. The game can only run on devices with iOS 10 or earlier due to Apple removing support for all 32-bit apps on later iOS versions.

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If the player is unable this link to find a match, the player can use the Hint button to find an available match at the cost of several points. They can also wait several seconds for an automatic Hint feature to trigger without penalty. Create matches of three or more gems of the same color vertically or horizontally to eliminate them from the board. Select between the Action mode where your aim is to complete goals within a certain amount of time, as well as Puzzle, Classic, Endless, Blitz, and other modes.

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Besides, Bejeweled 2 Deluxe does not have the version for mobile phones. We all remember how addictive, fun, and challenging the original Bejeweled was. If you want to experience the same emotions once again and feel the result of the addition of new exciting features, we recommend giving Bejeweled 2 Deluxe a try.

What Is Bejeweled?

The Treasure of Montezuma 2, developed by HeroCraft Ltd. is an addictive Match-3 Puzzle video game. The objective of the game is to match 2 or more pieces of the same color Artifacts, Jewels etc. and finish the level in the time given. Remember to complete the level in time with the given number of moves or else you’ll lose the game. On every completed level, The Treasure of Montezuma rewards you with plenty of upgrades and bonus scores and gold that you can use to make your game-play more exciting. All the rewards can be used to buy more upgrades and bonuses.

The game lets you move and match three or more of the same kind of Orbs that are arranged in a grid. Upon a match-up horizontally or vertically, the orbs will make a chain reaction and the corresponding orbs will vanish with a shimmer. The orbs match-up defines what characters will go out and fight against the monsters with their unique skills. Puzzle and Dragons is basically a turn-based match-3 video game so it lets you engage in combats with your enemies on your turn and allows you to damage your enemy with every Orbs Match-up. You can also earn some bonus points and additional moves with more than 3 match-ups and bigger chain reactions. With great visual details, music and voices, Puzzle and Dragons provides with a great game-play you have ever experienced.

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Fire your rockets and blast off to fast-paced, arcade-puzzle action! When the timer gets down to 0, an explosion shatters all the gems around it. Bejeweled 2 is the sequel to the popular original puzzle game. A glitch which cause Endless mode can be end just like in Classic if the game was unable to give any vaild moves. Should the game not be able to give any valid moves, however, it will simply drop in a Bomb that automatically explodes upon entering the board. Bejeweled is often considered as the game that popularized the match-3 genre, and has won multiple awards.

The game’s executable has full support for loading from a main.pak. Unfortunately, PopCap never released a version of the game using one and the game does not read the music directory in a PAK. Yes, that addictive game where you had to put 3 gems of the same color together to make them explode.

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