Fires & Explosions

Representing clients injured by fires & explosions.

Every year, millions of Americans are victims of industrial hazards, commercial negligence and municipal decision making that result in debilitating and even life-threatening injuries to individuals and entire communities.

A law firm operating in this area of litigation must have the resources to investigate the complex topics including environmental contamination, property damage, and illnesses due to the exposure of dangerous chemicals and toxins

Hart & Hart have the experience needed to provide an immediate response, deal with governmental officials if required, handle issues concerning the continuation of work and address all other matters that arise during a catastrophe.


Fire victims suffer not only excruciating physical pain, but also severe emotional trauma. For those who are lucky enough to survive a fire or explosion, the burn injury recovery process is agonizing and often requires round-the-clock care. If you or a family member is the victim of a fire or explosion, you’ve suffered enough. You need an experienced attorney on your side.

The cause or origin of a fire or explosion may be negligent building owners, property managers, landlords, building designers, or fault product manufacturing. Depending upon a fire’s cause, the product manufacturer of electrical equipment, circuits, wiring, heaters or grills may be responsible.

If you or a family member have been seriously injured or died in a fire or explosion Hart & Hart may be able to help.

Gas Plant Explosions

The effects of a plant explosion can cause serious complications for individuals, families, and communities for months and sometimes years after they occur. Many plant explosions occur at factories and manufacturing plants that produce and use highly volatile and toxic chemicals. The fumes and smoke that result from fires after the initial explosion are extremely toxic and can cause serious health problems for anyone in the area who happens to breathe this contaminated air.

Many industrial plants are often times located along major waterways. Explosions can release toxic chemicals into an area that can take years to clean; sometimes even becoming unlivable, displacing entire communities.

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