Surgical Mistakes

Representing clients injured by surgical mistakes.

As more and more Americans undergo surgical procedures, the number of surgical errors rise. Surgical errors include, but are not limited to, a retained foreign body, injury to internal organs, anesthesia overdose, wrong blood type during a transfusion or wrong site surgery.

In any case, these surgical errors are horrific tragedies and can be prevented.  We are highly experienced in surgical error cases, so you can be confident that you have a qualified team working to protect your rights and will pursue justice.

Call Hart & Hart if you are the victim of a surgical mistake. An experienced attorney will review the details of your case and determine the best course of action. Complete the online Free Case Evaluation form and we will contact you to discuss your case, or call us directly at 800-200-HART.

The attorneys at Hart & Hart will find the best medical expert to review your case. We will carefully and thoroughly prepare your case, working diligently so that you receive the maximum compensation for your loss. The attorneys at Hart & Hart will fight to seek the justice you deserve for you and your family and work to recover full and fair compensation.

Complete our online FREE CASE EVALUATION form and we will contact you to discuss your case, or call us directly at 800-200-HART