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Every year, thousands of people throughout the United States are injured as a result of an assault, rape, and other vicious attacks. Many violent attacks occur in parking lots, parking ramps, college campuses, apartment complexes and hotels.

Although some attacks could not have been prevented even with the most stringent safety standards, a significant number of attacks are preventable through the use of proven security measures, including adequate lighting, sufficient security staff and video cameras. Businesses can prevent attacks by routinely performing a criminal background check on new employees to determine whether they have previous convictions for assault or a sex crime.

Along with slip and fall cases, negligent security issues relate to the area of law known as premises liability. Owners and operators of various types of property, including apartments, buildings, and shopping malls, have a duty to ensure that persons on their premises are not victimized by foreseeable crimes. If a property owner fails to provide adequate safety measures and a crime such as rape, robbery, or assault results, an Atlanta negligent security lawyer could hold them liable for damages.

Common Negligent Security Claims

The most common negligent security claims handled by Hart & Hart is the hotel guest, mall shopper, office building worker, or student who is victimized by a perpetrator taking advantage of the inadequate security on the premises. Often, proper security equipment, personnel, or surveillance, when the landowner knew or should have known of the potential for criminal conduct, could have prevented the crime. When insufficient security at a hotel, night club, shopping mall, or apartment complex results in the assault or injury of an individual, Florida law provides that the owners of the establishment can be held liable for negligent security.

These cases are asserted by victims who are attacked or victimized on someone else’s property under premises liability law. If you were injured in an attack or assault by a third party on someone else’s land or premises, you should consult an experienced Atlanta negligent security attorney as soon as possible.

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At Hart & Hart we work with investigators, criminologists, and industry safety experts, to identify the ways in which security at either an apartment complex, parking garage, night club, or college campus failed to adequately protect its tenants, customers, and students from foreseeable danger.

The Atlanta negligent security lawyers at Hart & Hart represent injured claimants who have been harmed due to inadequate safety measures. We fight to recover full and fair compensation for those who have been hurt and we have the experience necessary to negotiate your claim to the maximum result. Call today to set up a case consultation.

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