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Living in Atlanta on a visa can give you the option to be a part of the community for an extended period of time, but eventually, most visas expire. When your visa expires, this could force you to uproot the life you have built in America.

If you have a green card, visa, or deportation problem, a qualified attorney may be able to offer a possible solution. A seasoned Atlanta immigration lawyer could be a strong advocate during your application, interview, and hearing proceedings. En Español.

Visas for Short Stays

Individuals who want to visit, study, or work in Atlanta for a shorter time may need a nonimmigrant visa. Nonimmigrant visa applicants may need to go through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).

A well-informed Atlanta immigration attorney might be available to assist with the application process for short-term stays in the area. Competent counsel could also advise interested parties on lengthening the term of their visa, if applicable.

Representation at Atlanta Deportation Hearings

If Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) detains an undocumented foreign national in Atlanta, they may need a diligent immigration lawyer to advocate for them at a removal hearing. Legal counsel familiar with these cases may be able to obtain a waiver for someone who is in danger of potentially being deported.

Green Cards and Visas for Family

If a citizen or legal permanent resident in Atlanta plans to marry a foreign national, they may need a K-1 visa for their partner. In addition, a capable Atlanta legal representative with experience in immigration law might also assist with obtaining a K-2 visa to bring the children of the intended spouse to the United States.

After one family member achieves U.S. citizenship or a green card, their immediate relatives may also apply to the USCIS for immigration documents. It is important to note that certain classes of family members may receive preference over others when the USCIS considers green card applications.

Some qualified applicants for a green card may include spouses and unmarried children. A seasoned legal representative may be able to provide further information on the prioritization of relatives.

Asylum Seekers in Atlanta

Atlanta residents who have escaped tyranny or persecution in their former country because of their race, national origin, religion, political views, or sexual orientation could qualify for asylum. To be accepted to remain in Atlanta via the asylum process, an individual might need to provide proof that they are a refugee, as defined by Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) §101(A)(42).

It is best for an asylum seeker to always retain professional counsel in Atlanta to help them with paperwork and documentation. A skilled attorney might also prepare their potential client for interviews with the USCIS, during which they may need to describe the circumstances for seeking asylum in order to justify being allowed to stay in the United States.

Talk with an Atlanta Immigration Attorney

If you or your family members are having problems with your immigration status, it may be in your best interest to navigate this process with an attorney’s assistance. Once retained, your legal counsel could answer questions regarding green cards for family members, short-stay visas, or any number of other topics.

A skilled Atlanta immigration lawyer might also have extensive experience with deportation hearings and asylum interviews. Call today for help with your case.

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