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Atlanta Immigration Bond Lawyer

There are many rules regarding immigration bonds, and the ability to post bond is not guaranteed in all situations. Without legal counsel, it can be extremely difficult for an immigrant or their family members to negotiate bail effectively.

If United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested someone you care about, you should speak with an experienced immigration attorney immediately. A seasoned Atlanta immigration bond lawyer might be able to guide you through the process of getting your loved one released from detention.

Regulations for Immigration Bonds

Individuals detained by ICE and sent to a detention center might need to pay a monetary surety to the Department of Homeland Security before they can be released to live to home while their immigration court hearing is pending. In accordance with Title 8 of the Code of Federal Regulations, persons who are detained may forego a bond hearing if a third party provides their bond payment before court proceedings commence.

The bond payment might be accepted through electronic funds transfer or in person at a bond acceptance facility. If no surety is paid before a hearing, the detainee may request one during immigration court proceedings, an option which a seasoned Atlanta immigration bond attorney could help facilitate.

Immigration Court Factors for Granting a Bond

When determining whether or not to allow an individual to bond out, an immigration court may take several factors into account. Some common considerations include the severity of the charges against the detainee, their risk of danger to the community, their family ties in the area, and whether they may have a lawful path to naturalization. An adept immigration bond lawyer in Atlanta may be knowledgeable about other considerations taken into account during a bond hearing and could use this information to fight for a detainee’s release.

Pre-Deportation Immigration Bonds

If an immigration court determines that a detainee should be deported from the United States, that individual may still be able to go home to their family and get their affairs in order. Under 8 CFR §241(b), a bond facility or officer may release a foreign national under an order of supervision, provided that they pay the required fees.

If a released immigrant fails to comply with the terms of supervision, the payor of the bond might forfeit those monies. Capable legal counsel may be able to assist immigrants with understanding the terms of an order of supervision to ensure their compliance with these orders, as well as with filing an appeal to an order of deportation.

Contact an Atlanta Immigration Bond Attorney Today

It can feel both terrifying and confusing to be detained by ICE. If a loved one has been detained and you need assistance in getting them released, contacting a knowledgeable attorney may be your best move.

A compassionate Atlanta immigration bond lawyer could offer support as you work together to try to have your family member released. Reach out today to schedule an initial consultation and discuss the options available in your situation.

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