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Each year thousands of people apply for visas to visit, work, study, or live in the United States. If you hope to stay in your new community on a long-term basis, you may find it beneficial to retain an experienced immigration attorney. By hiring a qualified Atlanta visa lawyer, you could get help applying to permanently move to America regardless of where you are living currently, as well as guidance through the complex immigration process. En Español.

Obtaining Temporary Residency

Visitation visas fall into the category of a nonimmigrant document because they are designed for those who are seeking temporary entry into the United States. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) gives short-term visas to certain groups who have temporary reasons to be in the country.

For example, temporary workers, exchange students, and travelers are all common groups that could qualify for a nonimmigrant temporary visa. The foreign intended spouse of a U.S. citizen may also fall into this category. Specifically, the USCIS may grant a 90-day K-1 visa to an individual so they can enter the country to marry an American citizen.

Types of Long-Term Visas

Those who wish to apply for lawful permanent residency in Atlanta may need the assistance of a skilled visa attorney. Applying for citizenship may involve sponsorship, forms, documentation, and interviews.

Business Visas

An employment-based immigrant visa may permit a foreign national to continue to work for a company while they seek lawful permanent resident status. USCIS gives top preference to workers who possess skills that are difficult to find in the United States.
Individuals who are willing to invest in job-creating businesses may be given priority. People who are extraordinary inventors or researchers may also take precedence over other applicants.

Family-Based Visas

Long-term visas might also become available to family members of American citizens or holders of green cards. Adopted children from abroad may also need one to be brought into the country and eventually become citizens.

Interviews During the Immigration Process

To be granted certain types of citizenship, an applicant may need to be interviewed by USCIS. In 2017, USCIS increased the number of categories that an applicant could be grouped into for an interview before receiving a visa in compliance with Executive Order 13780.

Under this order, USCIS now interviews businessmen and women who are applying for a change of status for an employment-related visa. USCIS adjudicators may also now schedule interviews with asylum seekers and refugees. A seasoned visa attorney in Atlanta may be able to prepare potential applicants for interviews with USCIS.


Some visas are subject to quotas while others are unlimited. The intended purpose of such quotas is that the United States does not wish to have an inordinate number of immigrants from one particular part of the world or in any one preference category.

It should be noted, however, that USCIS does not currently have a quota for persons who are seeking documentation for amnesty or asylum. At present, the agency also does not limit its student visas or those involving intra-company transfers.

Make an Appointment with an Atlanta Visa Attorney

Applying for a visa can be both cumbersome and confusing. Figuring out which forms apply to you or which documents you need to provide might also be perplexing.
If you need documentation to visit or remain in this country, an Atlanta visa lawyer might be able to help you. Call today to discuss your case.

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