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Atlanta Immigration Delay Lawyer

When you feel as though you have done everything possible to get your green card or become a citizen but are still waiting for a response, it may feel as though the decision from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) might never come. Perhaps more importantly, though, you may not know who to call or ask about the status of your application.

If you need assistance with an undue delay to your green card or naturalization application, you may want to contact an experienced immigration attorney. An Atlanta immigration delay lawyer may be able to assist you with issues you experience while waiting for USCIS to process your application.

Green Card Delays

USCIS indicates their average processing times for green card petitions on their website. However, the process can often take much longer than this estimation. After an applicant sends their documents to a USCIS field office, they are encouraged to save copies of their documents and receipt numbers, so that they can compare the dates with the processing periods.

Individuals applying for a green card should sign up for an account on the USCIS website, as this allows them to have all of their receipt numbers in one location, and it may provide a complete case history as well. Atlanta applicants also can enter their receipt number on the USCIS website to check their green card status.

If an applicant has waited more than 60 days past the average processing time, though, they should consider asking an Atlanta immigration delay attorney to make an inquiry with USCIS. Rule 21 of the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure allows green card applicants to file a petition with the United States District Court for a writ of mandamus, which may compel USCIS to expedite the green card process.

Delay for Naturalization

There are many potential reasons why someone’s application for citizenship is delayed. Some of the most common reasons for delay include:

  • Issues regarding the background check
  • Mislaid paperwork
  • A heavy volume of applications
  • Unforeseen issues

If USCIS has already interviewed an applicant for naturalization, they should request that a federal judge intervenes on their behalf after 120 days have passed without hearing any status updates. An adept Atlanta lawyer who is familiar with immigration delay issues may be able to help make such a request.

If a federal judge intervenes, the court may decide whether or not to approve an applicant’s citizenship during a federal court proceeding. However, this circumstance does not generally occur.

On other occasions, the federal court may send a case back to USCIS with a court order to speed up the processing of the candidate’s application. With a court mandate to process a citizenship application more quickly, USCIS may inform a candidate for naturalization about their decision within a shorter period of time.

Contact an Atlanta Immigration Delay Attorney

If you are feeling at a loss about what to do when you have not heard back from USCIS, it may in your best interest to contact an attorney. An informed Atlanta immigration delay lawyer could help you get your green card or naturalization status confirmed or denied more quickly. If you have been struggling to find an attorney to take your case, we can review your situation and discuss your concerns with you.

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