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Atlanta Slip and Fall Lawyer

Slips and falls are some of the most common accidents that occur while visiting another’s land. In general, a property owner has a duty to protect visitors from injuries that may result from defects or hazards on their property. This legal concept is known as premises liability.

Victims may be entitled to compensation for their losses, but proving a landowner’s negligence can be difficult without representation from a skilled personal injury attorney. For a case to be successful, lawyers must prove that a landowner did not take appropriate steps to provide protection and that you had a legal right to be on that property. An Atlanta slip and fall lawyer could help you gather the necessary evidence and advance your claim. En Español.

Establishing a Victim’s Right to Visit Property

In order for any victim to recover compensation following a slip and fall injury, they must first establish their right to be on the land. State law establishes three types of visitors, and the duty a landowner has to keep them safe depends on this classification.

  1. Trespassers include anyone who enters land without permission or stays after receiving a request to leave. Under O.C.G.A. §51-3-3, landowners must only refrain from causing willful or wanton injuries to trespassers.
  2. Licensees, under O.C.G.A. §51-3-2, are people who are not trespassers, servants, or customers. This is a small distinction from trespassers, as landowners have the same minimal duty to avoid only willful or wanton injury.
  3. Invitees are those who enter land under an express or implied invitation. These are typically customers on business property or those who enter private land to perform a service, such as reading electric meters. O.C.G.A. §51-3-1 requires landowners to exercise ordinary care to keep licensees safe from harm.

A plaintiff’s classification under the law is key to this type of claim for damages. An Atlanta lawyer with experience in slip and fall cases could evaluate the circumstances of a case and help plaintiffs assert their rights as invited guests.

Making a Persuasive Claim for Damages

Visitors classified as invitees have the best chance at obtaining compensation following slip and fall accidents. To accomplish this, they must demonstrate that a defendant landowner failed to provide ordinary care to keep them safe.

In sum, whether a landowner is negligent is open to interpretation. One jury may believe that a landowner was negligent for not repairing loose carpeting on a staircase, while another may think that an injured person should have noticed and avoided this hazard.

The state uses the concept known as modified comparative negligence in all cases based on accidents. Under O.C.G.A. §51-12-33(g), juries must examine the actions of all parties involved in the incident and assign blame as appropriate. This can result in an injured person receiving only a fraction of their demanded compensation or even a verdict that completely absolves the defendant of liability. An Atlanta slip and fall attorney could help to gather the evidence necessary to demonstrate a landowner’s fault for a person’s injury.

An Atlanta Slip and Fall Attorney Could Help You to Pursue a Claim

Slips and falls can result in surprisingly serious injuries, including sprained ligaments, broken bones, separated joints, or head trauma. Landowners whose negligence leads to an accident may be responsible to provide compensation for any resulting injuries.

Despite this responsibility, defendants may allege that you were not an invited guest or that you failed to take appropriate caution to protect yourself. This can result in a reduced or even negated compensation package.

Fortunately, an Atlanta slip and fall lawyer is available to help. They can work with you to explain the relevant laws, evaluate the facts that led to your injuries, and make powerful demands for appropriate compensation. The time to pursue a claim may be running short; contact an attorney today to schedule a consultation.

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