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Living in fear that a family member may be deported can make starting a life in a new country hard and unsettling. It can also feel disheartening when a loved one is living abroad while the rest of the family resides in a different location.

If either of these situations applies to you, you should reach out to a compassionate immigration attorney. If you are in the midst of a green card, visa, or deportation problems with a relative, an experienced Atlanta family immigration lawyer may be able to address these obstacles and suggest a solution. En Español.

Visas and Green Cards

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the federal entity that provides avenues for obtaining a visa, a green card, or citizenship. Depending on the circumstances, it also facilitates methods for avoiding deportation.

Visas for an Intended Spouse

The intended spouse of a United States citizen in Atlanta may be admitted as a nonimmigrant under a K-1 visa. Because a K-1 visa expires after 90 days, the couple should marry within that period. Nonimmigrants may then be able to bring their children to America on a K-2 visa.

After the wedding, the American citizen may apply for legal permanent residency for their new spouse. An Atlanta attorney who has experience with family immigration law could help file the proper paperwork on behalf of the newlyweds to make sure that important deadlines are met and all required documents are in order.

Green Cards for Relatives

After one relative achieves lawful permanent resident (LPR) status, they might be able to qualify immediate relatives for a green card. Per USCIS regulations, an immediate relative of a legal permanent resident may apply for a green card if they are in any of the following groups:

  • The spouse of a lawful permanent resident
  • An unmarried child of an LPR who is under 21
  • An unmarried child of a green card holder who is over 21

There may be different procedures for procuring a green card depending on the category an immediate family member falls within. A seasoned family immigration attorney in Atlanta could go over the requirements of green card applications for relatives in further detail.

Avoiding Deportation of Family Members

Atlanta residents who are facing removal from the country may be able to obtain a reprieve if they are related to a United States citizen. The USCIS offers a Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver, which may be appropriate for family members who are in danger of getting deported.
A spouse of an American citizen or legal permanent resident may also be able to apply for this waiver. Likewise, if a foreign national married in good faith but the marriage was annulled or ended in divorce, they may still be able to avoid removal from the country via a waiver.

Speak with an Atlanta Family Immigration Attorney

If you require immigration information for yourself or a family member, it could be difficult to navigate the processes for visas, green cards, and naturalization on your own. A capable Atlanta family immigration lawyer should be well-versed in issues involving the USCIS or Immigrations Customs and Enforcement (ICE). Call today to schedule a consultation and have your questions answered and your problems addressed.

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