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Stone Mountain Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bicycling is a great way to avoid driving in traffic, get exercise, and keep transportation costs low. Unfortunately, riding a bike can pose some serious risks, especially when motorists do not pay proper attention to bicyclists on the road.

If you or a family member has experienced injuries in a bike wreck, you may wish to contact a Stone Mountain bicycle accident lawyer for guidance on your legal options. By enlisting a personal injury attorney to assess your situation, they can determine if you have a viable legal claim and could pursue compensation related to your injuries.

Causes of Bicycle Crashes and Their Potential Injuries

Various factors may lead to cyclist accidents, many of which involve the negligence of other motorists. As bikers may not be as visible to drivers as other motor vehicles, distracted or impaired motorists may not have the adequate reaction time to avoid hitting them. Violation of prevailing traffic laws also can lead to bicycle accidents, such as failing to yield to oncoming traffic, speeding, failing to use turn signals, and driving too closely to bicyclists.

As a result of their vulnerability in collisions with other vehicles, bike riders may suffer catastrophic injuries. Broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and lacerations may be commonplace for bicyclists involved in these accidents. When the negligence of others causes a severe collision, bicyclists may wish to seek help from a bicycle wreck lawyer in Stone Mountain for assistance with any potential claims that they may have.

Applying Negligence to Bike Accident Claims

All drivers owe a duty of reasonable care for the safety of others on the roadway, whether they are other drivers, passengers, pedestrians, or cyclists. When drivers fail to act in a way that is commensurate with the level of care that other reasonable drivers would exercise in similar circumstances, those individuals may be negligent. Evidence of negligence may be present when drivers:

  • Speed or disregard traffic rules
  • Operate a vehicle while impaired by drugs or alcohol
  • Use their cell phones or other electronic devices while behind the wheel
  • Fail to look out for other vehicles, pedestrians, and bike riders on the roadways and nearby sidewalks

Similarly to drivers, bicyclists owe a duty of care to others on the road as well. As a result, cyclists also can be negligent to some degree, and contribute to the accident that led to their injuries. Under Official Code of Georgia §51-12-33, bicyclists who bear some portion of the fault for an accident still may be able to pursue other negligent parties for compensation, provided that they are less than 50 percent responsible for their accident.

Under modified comparative fault, the court may reduce an injured cyclists’ compensation according to their percentage of fault for the accident. Because comparative negligence cases can be complicated, individuals in this situation should contact a Stone Mountain bicycle accident attorney for help arguing their case.

A Stone Mountain Bicycle Accident Attorney May Be Able to Help

Bicyclists can be particularly vulnerable to injuries in crashes with motor vehicles. As a result, when a bicyclist suffers serious injuries in a wreck caused by the negligence of others, they should contact a Stone Mountain bicycle accident lawyer for advice. If you have been struggling to find a lawyer for your bike wreck case, we could review your case and help you file your claim.

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