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Stone Mountain Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

The workers’ compensation insurance system exists to provide individuals who suffer injuries at work the time and money they need to fully recover. These benefits offer payment for medical expenses, partial wage replacement, as well as other losses.

A knowledgeable Stone Mountain workers’ compensation lawyer could work to ensure that you receive the appropriate benefits you deserve. An experienced personal injury attorney could negotiate with aggressive insurance companies while you focus on your recovery.

Types of Workplace Injuries

Work-related accidents can occur in all types of industries. While some workplaces may be inherently more dangerous than others, there are no restrictions on the types of injuries that may justify a claim. Workers’ comp claims may also cover injuries that occur both inside and outside of the office. For instance, motor vehicle accidents that occur during work-related duties may produce a viable claim. Some common situations that can lead to workers’ compensation lawsuits may include:

Other situations that may result in workplace injuries may include dangerous conditions caused by the failure of an employer to properly maintain worksites, repetitive use injuries from computers or machines, and accidents that stem from poor or inadequate training. A Stone Mountain workers’ compensation attorney could review the cause of a hurt employee’s injuries to determine if they have a valid claim.

The Workers’ Compensation System

Although employers must purchase workers’ compensation insurance for their employees, insurance companies make the decisions about which claims to grant and which to deny. As a result, injured workers may experience insurance adjusters who undervalue claims, discourage workers from seeking second medical opinions, and the denial of their legitimate cases. When this situation occurs, a workers’ comp lawyer in Stone Mountain could aggressively negotiate with insurance companies to ensure that an employee receives fair compensation.

Employers who receive reports of employee injuries must file a report of injury with the state, and those who fail to do so may be subject to civil fines. If employers refuse to cooperate in reporting an incident, injured workers may still make direct claims to the State Board of Workers’ Compensation, but they are subject to strict timeframes in doing so. Therefore, consulting with an attorney immediately following a workplace injury may be wise.

Insurance Policy Coverage

Employers with three or more employees must provide their workers with no-fault workers’ comp insurance coverage from the first day of employment. The Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation administers the injured employee benefits program. This program contains three different types of benefits, which include:

  • Wage replacement benefits
  • Medical expense coverage
  • Permanent disability benefits

For an injured employee to receive these benefits, a physician must certify that this individual is unable to work due to the occupational injuries they sustained. This program has a time limit on how long they can receive payments for medical expenses. Employees may be eligible to receive medical benefits for 400 weeks following the date of the injury, except for catastrophic injuries, which may need care beyond that timeframe.

Contact a Stone Mountain Worker’s Compensation Attorney for Help

If you suffered injuries while on the job, you may have the right to receive workers’ compensation for treatment. To ensure your eligibility for these benefits, you should seek help from a skilled Stone Mountain workers’ compensation lawyer. If you are struggling to find a lawyer to handle your case, our office could review your claim and help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

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