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Douglasville Boat Accident Lawyer

Injuries while boating are serious accidents that can have long-term implications for your or your loved one’s health and future. Fun and relaxing on the water can encourage boaters to act carelessly. When boaters do not pay enough attention to what they are doing and their surroundings, injuries can result.

Following a boating accident, you and your loved ones may face a long and costly road to recovery. A civil lawsuit filed with the assistance of a Douglasville boat accident lawyer could allow you to recover financial damages for any harm sustained. Additionally, a personal injury attorney could handle any legal challenges while you focus on your recovery.

Building a Boat Accident Case

Before injured boaters can recover any financial compensation, they must either settle or prevail at a trial against the defendant. Injured plaintiffs may receive compensation when the evidence and testimony of witnesses shows:

  • The defendant was obligated to act toward the plaintiffs in a certain way, such as in a reasonable or careful manner
  • The defendant broke this duty by acting carelessly or recklessly, in a manner that others would not have acted
  • The defendant’s unreasonable conduct not only violated their duty of care but also caused the plaintiff’s injuries
  • An award of money can compensate the plaintiffs for the harm they have experienced in the boating accident

Plaintiffs also may be required to produce evidence showing how much compensation is necessary to address the expenses they incurred. Proof of these financial losses, such as a hospital bill or explanation of benefits statement from an insurer, can support compensation requested for medical bills. A Douglasville boat accident lawyer could help plaintiffs identify compensable losses and locate supporting documentation for those claimed expenses.

Injuries and Expenses Common in Boating Accidents

Those injured in boating accidents may suffer one or more severe injuries, depending on the circumstances of the incident. Some claimants in boat wrecks may experience injuries, such as:

  • Head trauma resulting from a blow to the head
  • Brain injuries from near-drowning and the accompanying lack of oxygen
  • Broken bones and internal bleeding
  • Neck or back injuries that can lead to temporary or permanent paralysis
  • Physical, mental, and emotional suffering

Just as some boating injury plaintiffs suffer one or more of the same injuries, so too many claimants experience similar expenditures and costs associated with their cases. The cost of ambulance services or water rescue services are typically needed in these situations. These services then lead to significant emergency room and medical treatment costs.

Some injured parties miss time away from work to recover, and others experience some measure of physical pain and mental trauma. All of these and other similar losses are typically compensable in a boat accident lawsuit with assistance from a Douglasville attorney.

Consult with a Douglasville Boat Accident Attorney

The aftermath of a serious boat crash can be overwhelming and stressful to deal with alone, especially if you are trying to take legal action. Therefore you should reach out to a Douglasville boat accident lawyer if either you or your loved one suffered bodily harm in such a crash. To get started on your claim, call today.

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