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Douglasville Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

State law gives pedestrians the right of way in most situations to avoid dangerous and potentially fatal collisions between these individuals and motorists on the road. Unfortunately, crashes between people and vehicles still occur at a significant rate. When a motorist’s negligence causes them to hit someone on the road, injured pedestrians may have the right to demand fair payment for their losses.

A Douglasville pedestrian accident lawyer could help you take legal action if a driver hit you with their car. A local personal injury attorney could build a powerful case against the defendant and evaluate how much your claim may be worth. En Español.

Claims Process for a Pedestrian Accident Case

One of the first steps a lawyer may take after a pedestrian accident in Douglasville is calculate the total amount in damages that an injured party sustained. Some pedestrian accident cases may not proceed until the plaintiff has completed their treatment.

This allows people to fully evaluate their losses and demand payments for all their medical expenses. While an injured party recovers from the initial impact, a lawyer may begin to gather evidence, including a police report, dashcam footage, and statements from witnesses.

Once a claimant serves the defendant with their lawsuit, a period of negotiations may begin. Sometimes there is no dispute as to which party is to blame, and one of the few points of contention concerns the amount of damage. However, in other claims, it may be necessary to demonstrate the defendant’s fault in the collision.

In general, pursuing a claim for proper damages can be a complex undertaking. Working with a pedestrian accident attorney provides claimants with the assurance of legal protection every step of the way.

Comparative Fault

Injured pedestrians must take aggressive steps to demonstrate that a driver was to blame for their accident. To do this, people should be aware of the laws that govern interactions between pedestrians and drivers. While it is true that a driver must be sure to yield to pedestrians who are using a crosswalk, this may only apply if an individual is already crossing before a driver approaches.

Similarly, pedestrians must take all appropriate caution when crossing a street or moving through a parking lot. Therefore, if someone did not follow these laws while on the road, they could partially to blame for their accident.

According to the Official Code of Georgia Annotated §51-12-33, juries must assign blame following an accident. If that jury believes that the injured claimant is more than 50 percent at fault, this person may not receive any compensation. A Douglasville pedestrian accident attorney could help identify if an individual may be partially at fault for their injuries and how this may impact their eligibility to recover.

Retain a Douglasville Pedestrian Accident Attorney

All drivers assume a duty to operate their motor vehicles with responsibility and care. Any violation of this duty that results in an injury allows an injured party to claim damages for their losses. However, doing so can be quite a daunting task without a trained legal professional.

If you were struck by a car, a Douglasville pedestrian accident lawyer could assist you in pursuing compensation. An attorney could work to gather essential evidence, measure your losses, and fight on your behalf during settlement negotiations and in court. To get started on your case, schedule a consultation today.

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