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Douglasville Truck Accident Lawyer

Due to the sheer size of most commercial trucks, accidents involving these vehicles could be disastrous and cause severe injuries. Because of the risks involved in operating these vehicles, state and federal agencies heavily regulate the commercial trucking industry to prevent such accidents from happening.

Even with a large number of safety regulations, accidents may still happen. If you suffered injuries in a trucking accident, an experienced personal injury attorney could help you recover monetary damages. A Douglasville truck accident lawyer could become your legal advocate and guide you through the legal nuances of cases such as these.

Federal Regulations on Truck Drivers

Both federal and state laws heavily regulate the actions and conduct of truck drivers and companies. Individual state departments of transportation establish regulations for trucking companies within their own state. Meanwhile, federal agencies like the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, actively regulate the commercial trucking industry.

There are many federal regulations imposed on commercial trucks, such as the maximum weight that is allowed on a truck. Weight restrictions are an important part of preventing truck crashes, since carrying oversized loads could increase the risk of a serious accident. Under federal regulations, single-axle trucks may only carry up to 20,000 pounds. Two-axle trucks are permitted to haul 34,000 pounds.

A Douglasville truck wreck lawyer could review a case and determine if a trucker’s violation of federal regulations was the cause of a claimant’s injuries. Some additional regulations imposed on commercial truck drivers include:

  • The requirement to have a commercial drivers’ license
  • Hours of service restrictions that limit how long a driver may operate a truck without taking a break
  • The requirement to schedule routine maintenance checks
  • Rules for the transportation of hazardous materials

Vicarious Liability in Truck Accident Cases

Under certain circumstances, vicarious liability holds an employer liable for the negligent actions of their employee, regardless of the behavior of the employer. Since commercial truck drivers are often employees of a company or government organization, injured plaintiffs could use vicarious liability to pursue recovery against their employer.

An employer may only be held vicariously liable for their employee’s negligence if the negligent act took place during the scope of employment. For instance, a trucking company may not be liable for an employee’s actions that took place while they were on break or after hours or that occurred outside of their workplace duties. A Douglasville lawyer could asses a truck collision lawsuit and evaluate whether vicarious liability applies to a case.

Speak with a Douglasville Truck Accident Attorney

Truck companies and their employees should be held to the standards imposed on them. A Douglasville truck accident lawyer could help you pursue compensation and hold these negligent parties accountable when they fail to follow these regulations. Additionally, a skilled and knowledgable attorney could investigate your case and determine what options may be best for your recovery efforts. Start exploring your options today by calling to schedule an initial case consultation.

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