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Riverdale Car Accident Lawyer

A car accident can happen in a fraction of a second but change your life forever. Even at relatively low speeds, moving vehicles have tremendous momentum and can inflict serious injuries. Fortunately, motor vehicle collision victims may have grounds to pursue compensation for their losses.

For a successful claim, a plaintiff must prove that another driver was responsible for the crash. This can be a difficult process, and insurance companies will fight to protect their insureds and their profits.

A Riverdale car accident lawyer could help you to pursue the compensation that you deserve. From filing an initial claim, to engaging in settlement talks, to a possible trial, a dedicated personal injury attorney could protect your rights at every step. En Español.

Proving Fault in Car Accident Cases

Every driver in Riverdale and throughout the state assumes a duty whenever they get behind the wheel. This duty obligates them to drive their vehicles in a way that does not place others at an unreasonable risk of harm. Drivers may violate this duty in any number of ways.

The most obvious examples of negligent driving include situations in which drivers violate the rules of the road, including:

  • Speeding
  • Failing to stop at red lights or stop signs
  • Texting while driving
  • Drunk driving

Other cases are more complex, and there may be a genuine dispute as to who is at fault for an accident. In these cases, juries must examine the actions of all involved parties and assign blame according to who they believe carries blame. Under O.C.G.A. §51-12-33(g), this concept of comparative negligence can reduce a plaintiff’s award at trial if a jury decides they are partially responsible for the accident. A Riverdale car accident attorney could work towards demonstrating defendant negligence and can take steps to refute any arguments of comparative negligence.

Demanding Proper Compensation Following an Accident

It can be tempting for the victims of auto collisions to accept an insurance company’s first settlement offer. After all, people are likely to be suffering from injuries that are throwing their lives into chaos. However, it is essential to remember that an insurance company’s main goal is to protect its own profits. Early settlement offers may be tempting, but they are often insufficient and unfair.

A car wreck lawyer in Riverdale could help to even the odds after an accident. They can work with injured individuals to make an accurate accounting of their losses, including medical bills, lost income, and emotional stress. The purpose of a car accident claim is to put a victim back into the position they were in before the incident, and a settlement offer should reflect this fact.

A Riverdale automobile collision attorney could negotiate with insurance companies on a victim’s behalf to seek a proper settlement. If a fair offer does not come, legal counsel stands ready to file a lawsuit in court to press for fair payment.

A Riverdale Car Accident Attorney Could Help You After a Crash

The days and weeks following an auto collision can be a confusing and stressful time. You are likely to be suffering from severe injuries that may take many months to heal. The most serious accidents can inflict permanent damage that will forever affect your quality of life.

A Riverdale car accident lawyer is dedicated to the concept that all victims deserve full compensation for their losses. They work on the side of injured people to press powerful claims against negligent drivers and their insurance companies. Through a thorough collection of evidence, a proper understanding of the law, and effective negotiation tactics, many cases end with a fair settlement without going to court. Call today to schedule a consultation and see if you have a case.

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