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Douglasville Car Accident Cases

Douglasville car accident cases can be difficult to navigate without an experienced attorney. Additionally, these wrecks can cause serious bodily harm and significant property damage. It is important to hire a local attorney when filing a claim because they could help you maximize the compensatory award losses.

Common Causes

Because of the recent increase in population and businesses being built in the I-20 corridor, there has been more traffic along this road. This greater traffic volume leads to more incidents and wrecks. One of the main contributors to automobile wrecks in this area is drivers texting while operative their vehicles and other forms of distracted driving. Additionally, in the evenings or early mornings on weekends, drunk drivers may appear on this road, causing serious accidents.

It is important to hire an attorney early who has experience litigating Douglasville motor vehicle accident cases. They could speak with law enforcement regarding the details of the incident and obtain the accident reports to preserve an injured claimant’s rights.

Comparative Negligence

Douglasville is a comparative negligence jurisdiction. This means that someone could recover damages even when they are partially at fault for their accident. However, when someone is 50 percent or more at fault, they may not be able to recover any damages. If an individual gets hurt in an auto wreck, the Douglasville law enforcement could determine if the injured person contributed to their losses. If their contribution is less than the amount of the other driver, they may be able to recover in a car wreck case in Douglasville.

For example, in a rear-end accident, if a court determines that the plaintiff’s brake lights were not completely working, they may place partial blame on the driver who was rear-ended. However, if the other driver involved was speeding and failed to keep a lookout, this could impact the plaintiff’s total accountability. Therefore, the comparative negligence rule may put 75 percent of the cause on the driver that failed to keep a safe distance and 25 percent on the person driving the vehicle with the faulty brake lights. In this case, the plaintiff may still receive compensation from the driver who failed to keep a proper lookout.

What to Know About Auto Wreck Cases

Motorists involved in car accidents should be aware that even the most minor wrecks can result in serious injuries. In minor accidents, people may not realize they are injured until a significant period of time after the crash. However, in this time between noticing they are injured and their accident, valuable evidence may be lost, and their injuries may have worsened. As a result, if someone is involved in a car crash, they should visit their doctor and speak with an attorney immediately, regardless of the severity of their accident.

The Role of an Attorney When Litigating Car Accident Cases in Douglasville

One of the most important jobs of an attorney has in Douglasville car accident cases is collecting evidence that could help build your claim. A lawyer may do this by examining the cars involved in the accident, identifying witnesses, contacting them to obtain statements.

A legal representative also could work to protect your recovery by handling all communications insurance adjusters and medical care providers. Additionally, retaining legal representation allows you to focus on your recovery while they handle all the details involved in filing your claim. To learn more about how our lawyers could help you file your claim, schedule a case consultation today.

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