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Douglasville Head-On Collision Lawyer

A head-on collision occurs when the front end of two vehicles strike each other. These can be serious accidents that cause severe injuries because of the potential combined impact of both vehicles. For instance, when two vehicles each traveling at 50 miles an hour collide head-on, they make contact with the force of 100 miles per hour, which can be deadly.

A Douglasville head-on collision lawyer could help you file a claim for compensation if you sustained injuries in a front-end car wreck. A skilled attorney could handle the claims process while you focus on recovery.

Assigning Fault

In front-end accident cases, fault may be assigned based on the position of the vehicles at the time they come to rest as well as witness statements. Often, one motorist fails to stay in their lane and crosses into oncoming traffic because the driver is intoxicated, impaired, texting, or not paying attention. An experienced Douglasville lawyer who is familiar with head-on collision cases could review an injured party’s claim and determine how a court may assign fault based on the circumstances of their accident.

When the position of the vehicles does not allow law enforcement at the scene to determine who crossed over the center line, liability may be more difficult to assign. An accident reconstruction team may go to the scene and rebuild the accident to identify the driver at fault of the collision accurately.

Potential Injuries

Front-end collisions can be fairly severe because of the force with which the vehicles hit each other. The speed at which both of the vehicles were traveling doubles the force of the impact, which increases the severity of the wreck. Most head-on accidents in Douglasville occur at higher speeds that force the occupants in the vehicle to be propelled forward upon impact.

The acceleration of the body may cause a passenger’s or driver’s neck to break. The engine compartment of the vehicle may be pushed back into the passenger compartment which can crush and damage their feet, legs, or knees. Additionally, these kinds of car crashes may result in passengers or a driver hitting their head against the dashboard or the airbags deploying. This can lead to facial injuries as well as different forms of head trauma, such as brain bleeds or concussions.

After any accident, an individual should seek medical attention immediately. Although someone may appear to feel fine at first, they could experience headaches a few days later which may signal that they have a concussion or swelling of the brain. Some injuries, such as head trauma, can become serious or fatal without prompt medical attention. Therefore, it is important for an injured party to visit their physician following an accident, regardless of how they feel immediately after.

The Role of a Douglasville Head-On Collision Attorney

One of the first steps a Douglasville head-on collision lawyer may take is getting investigators to the scene to take pictures of the area, inspect the vehicles, obtain the names of all witnesses, and interview them. Then, an attorney may speak with law enforcement and obtain a copy of the report as it becomes available.

Overall, legal counsel could handle preparing your claim for damages while you focus on recovering following an accident. If you have been having trouble finding a law firm to review your case, our legal professionals are here to help. Call today and schedule an initial case consultation.

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