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Douglasville Rollover Accident Lawyer

A rollover accident when the impact of a car wreck, causes any vehicle involved to roll onto its side, roof, or back. These can be severe accidents, and therefore, they can result in serious bodily harm, such as a traumatic brain injury, broken neck, paralysis, or death. If you have suffered injuries in a severe motor vehicle crash, a Douglasville rollover accident lawyer could assess your damages and help you take legal action. A seasoned legal professional could hold the at-fault party accountable on your behalf.

What Does a Rollover Accident Look Like?

Rollover accidents are different from other types of wrecks because the injuries people sustain as a result of these incidents can be more severe due to the forceful, violent nature of the impact. These accidents also carry a great risk of the occupants being ejected from their vehicle and thrown onto the road, which often results in serious injury or death. Additionally, collisions that cause a vehicle to flip over may lead to significant property damage.

These severe wrecks may occur because one of the drivers involved in the incident fails to yield or makes an improper turn. When any of the motorists involved are traveling at high speed, this improper operation may cause their vehicle to rotate to the point that their tires completely lose traction, and then flip over onto its side or back. A Douglasville lawyer with experience in rollover accidents could review an injured party’s case and determine if they have a viable claim for damages based on negligent driving.

Preventing Devastating Accidents

Drivers can avoid being involved in rollover accidents by staying focused while operating their motor vehicle, being aware of others on the road, and understanding local traffic patterns. As motorists approach an intersection, they should check to ensure that they are driving at or below the posted speed limit and exercise good judgment before turning, particularly where there may not be a traffic control light or signage.

Motorists with older model vehicles or higher SUVs should take extra precaution to avoid rollover accidents because these cars tend to be less stable and more vulnerable to flip over. Drivers and passengers should also always wear their seatbelts to avoid serious bodily harm in the event they are involved in an accident that causes their vehicle to flip over.

Documenting the Scene of the Accident

It is important to note that in the event of a crash, an injured motorist should seek medical attention immediately. Once emergency responders check that a driver is not seriously injured, they could begin collecting information for their claim by taking pictures of their vehicle and the surrounding area as it could become key evidence as the case progresses. A Douglasville rollover accident attorney also could help someone gather information to build their case by contacting any potential witnesses and investigating the cause of their crash.

Contact a Douglasville Rollover Accident Attorney

A Douglasville rollover accident lawyer could work to ensure that you receive the healthcare and treatment you need after a crash. An attorney could also help you recover damages by securing evidence, such as copies of all pictures taken by the insurance companies of the accident.

Additionally, if it is deemed necessary, legal counsel could utilize an accident reconstruction specialist to determine a vehicle’s speed and position prior to the impact, which can help establish fault. If you are struggling to find legal representation for your claim, contact our office for a case consultation.

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